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Jay Asher on Books Outside Your Comfort Zone HUSH Podcast TSCPL Topeka

HUSH Podcast #112 – Jay Asher on books outside your comfort zone

Author Jay Asher chats with librarians about his bestselling book “13 Reasons Why” and using fiction to discuss uncomfortable topics.

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Book Fix: Why?

Check out book and movie lists that answer questions or make you ask questions.  

Silents in the Cathedral 20th Anniversary

Experience silent films with live music and sound effects at Silents in the Cathedral on Friday, Oct 27 at Grace Episcopal Cathedral.

Big Little Lies

Read reviewer Shannon Eddings’ thoughts on the HBO series that won 8 Emmy Awards this year.

Eclectic selections

Peruse this eclectic grouping of new exciting titles – short stories, speculative fiction and suspense.

Being Evel

Learn more about the complicated and stunt-filled life of Evel Knievel.